Power Up Your Wallet: The Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Using GoPineapple to find the right solar panel solution for your home can be a smart financial decision that can save you money in the long run.

Who says going green has to be boring? Connecting with GoPineapple to find the right solar panel solution for your home can be a smart financial decision that can save you money in the long run, and make you feel like a total baller.

Imagine never having to worry about paying those pesky monthly electricity bills again. With solar panels, you’ll be able to generate your own electricty and say goodbye to those bills for good. It’s like giving the middle finger to the traditional power grid.

But wait, it gets better. Not only will you be saving money on your bills, but solar panels can also increase the value of your home. So not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be making money. Who said being eco-friendly couldn’t be profitable?

And let’s not forget about government incentive and tax credits. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a credit for 26% of the cost of solar panels installed on a primary residence. And many states also offer additional incentives, such as rebates and grants, that can further reduce the overall cost of installing solar panels. It’s like getting pad to save money and the planet. 

Sure, the initial cost of installing solar panels can seem significant, but think about the long-term savings. Plus, with the increase in solar panel technology and decrease in installation costs, solar panel systems are becoming more affordable than ever.

Solidly put, getting solar panels on your house is a smart financial move that can save you money in the long run, increate the value of your home, and make you feel like a total boss. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards energy independence and install solar panels on your home today.


Why GoPineapple?

GoPineapple brings transparency to a historically opaque solar market. That salesperson from a traditional solar company who knocks on your door will sell you a solar panel package at a price that salesperson decides themselves. The more they can get you to spend, the more money goes into their pocket. GoPineapple offers solar packages from multiple different solar providers and sells those packages at flat rates to help get you the package that meets your needs and budget.

Stephanie White
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We highly recommend working with GoPineapple and Leighton. Leighton is very knowledgeable about the entire process and he helped us find the best solar company to work with. He came to our house after dinner and walked us through the process step by step (he was so sweet to our dog). After our discussion we felt very confident to move forward with Solar. I have told many of my friends and family members about this company. If you are researching solar power you must call GoPineapple! Thank you Leighton and your awesome team.
Cole Meyers
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"What I appreciated most about Leighton was his no pressure approach to providing a solar option. The process was detailed and straightforward. Solution was less than what others in the neighborhood had paid and works as expected, savings! Leighton has stayed in touch throughout and has always been available to answer questions as needed. Don't waste time with shopping around, GoPineapple does that for you!"
Peter Firth
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"After meeting with Leighton, we didn’t need to pursue any other solar companies…everything was exactly what we were looking for and at a VERY competitive price! Go with GoPineapple and you won’t have ANY regrets."
Elijah Smith
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"I have loved having solar panels! Since I’ve got them my electric bill has decreased significantly. They looked at my usage of the past year and projected how many I would need to cover approximately 70%, but it is covered more. My only complaint is that it was a little bit more than they had originally said it would be but again they only gave me approximations. I am very happy with the service and would recommend them to any and all of my friends or family."