Who is GoPineapple?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the options and suppliers out there for solar panels?

We hear ya! That's why we created GoPineapple. We're here to take the hassle out of the solar shopping process and help you save some dough, too.
We don't play favorites, we work with multiple suppliers to find the perfect solar package for you and your home. Think of us as your personal solar shopping buddy, guiding you through the process and making sure you get the best deal possible. No hidden costs or surprises here. So, why not give us a try? We promise it'll be a lot more fun than scouring the internet for hours on end or getting tossed around by a sales-bro. Let's make going solar a breeze, together!

Our History

Leighton Yuma was once a solar salesperson for a big-name brand, helping people harness the power of the sun for their homes. But something felt off about the process. The sales pitch felt more like a hard sell, and he didn’t like that the cost of the packages was inconsistent. He also felt limited by the fact that he could only sell for one company.

So, Leighton set out on a mission to bring some magic to the solar industry. He wanted to create a way for people to access solar power that was transparent, affordable and hassle-free. And thus, a new star was born in the sky of solar industry. A shining beacon of hope, that guides you through the process of getting solar power in your home, with a sprinkle of fun, transparency and affordability.

And so began GoPineapple.

Loved by Many

We had a great experience with GoPineapple. We loved that they had different options and let us choose what worked for us. They were easy to contact when we had questions. Quick installation. Great experience!
Stephanie C.
Pleasant Grove, UT
What I appreciated most about Leighton was his no pressure approach to providing a solar option. The process was detailed and straightforward. Solution was less than what others in the neighborhood had paid and works as expected, savings! Leighton has stayed in touch throughout and has always been available to answer questions as needed. Don't waste time with shopping around, GoPineapple does that for you!
Cole Myers
After meeting with Leighton, we didn’t need to pursue any other solar companies…everything was exactly what we were looking for and at a VERY competitive price! Go with GoPineapple and you won’t have ANY regrets.
Peter Firth

What's with the Pineapple?

First of all, it has nothing to do with the swingers community ya sick freaks.

Aside from being a delicious fruit, the Pineapple has been a symbol of good hospitality, warm friendship and cause for celebration dating back to the early trade days of America. We believe in treating customers like friends and family, sharing what’s best for all of us and our planet. So grab a pineapple and join us in spreading good energy today!

Due to its seemingly exotic qualities and rareness, the pineapple soon became a symbol of hospitality in early America. Because trade routes between America and Caribbean Islands were often slow and perilous, it was considered a significant achievement from a host to procure a ripe pineapple for guests.